Vidya Balan on battling bodyshaming, self doubt | Neeyat

Last updated on July 25, 2023

One thing that has never changed about Vidya Balan is the warmth she exudes not just on screen, but off screen too. The power-packed performer is a smooth talker who very easily can inspire a generation. In this candid chat with Nayandeep Rakshit from Bollywood Bubble during the promotions of her next film Neeyat, Vidya discusses niggling issues with a lot of grace. From battling self doubt to accepting herself the way she is, Vidya not only talks about that journey of acceptance but also reveals that it's rather been a tough one. She recalls that at one point, she would be in a constant battle against her own body and try to conform to the usual societal and industry norms, only to realise that it's futile. While many rejections and negativity couldn't break her, she shares that she's now put a wall around her – one that lets only people she wants, in. Watch this warm conversation, only on Bollywood Bubble.

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